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ITW’s Environmental & Safety Policy

The duty to preserve and protect the environment is the responsibility of all of us. Similarly, each of us is responsible for conducting our operations in a safe manner for the protection of ourselves, our co-workers, and our communities. ITW recognizes an obligation for our operations worldwide to be in compliance with the environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations and legitimate interests of the communities in which we live. The need to preserve and protect vital natural resources including our air, water and land is essential for the future. A primary motivation in promoting safety is that we do not want our people to suffer injury or illness in connection with their employment. Each business unit is responsible for communication and implementation of, and adherence to, this policy.

ITW businesses must have a comprehensive and consistent environmental and safety focus in all of their activities. Each business must continuously improve environmental and safety performance and minimize environmental impacts through pollution prevention activities. In addition, having a safe and clean workplace is a basic first step in following this policy. Safety must be an integral part of all operations, such that the elimination of accidents will become not just an objective, but a way of life.

ITW will continue to systematically evaluate the environmental and safety performance of its companies. We encourage everyone to participate in this endeavor to improve the environmental and safety conditions of our workplaces so that we may be proud of our place in the community.

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